Blog It! Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0?

It’s not a newer version of the web, its a change in mindset of how people utilize the web. It’s social networking, blogging, wikis, hosted services, mashups, video sharing sites and more. Like YouTube? Technically it’s Web 2.0. Use FaceBook? Web 2.0. Twitter? Tumblr? LinkedIn? All Web 2.0.

Before I started taking this course, I had heard the term Web 2.0, but had never really pursued what it meant. Ironic, as I use several sites that could be considered Web 2.0 on a daily basis. I read FaceBook a couple times a day, use Tumblr occasionally, stalk the Sarcastic Rover on Twitter, and surf around YouTube until I hit the weird part. (You know what the weird part is… those videos that you were compelled to click on and you can’t seem to stop, but the whole time you’re thinking “Oh my god, why am I watching this?!”)

Now that I have a more clear definition in my head, it’s easy to see how prevalent this social form of sharing and building the web has become. I don’t use Flickr, but millions do, and I’ve looked at pictures on there occasionally. I tend to avoid Twitter… until I get bored and feel compelled to go read what the sarcastic rover has had to say recently.

Who knows what kind of Web 2.0 site they’ll come up with next. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I might use it. Maybe.


One thought on “Blog It! Web 2.0

  1. tatianaana says:

    The next generation of Web is what is called Web 3.0 (surprise!) or Semantic Web which theoretically should extend Web 2.0 even further in terms of the ease of data collection and tailoring to each personal use. Some of the concepts we see in Cloud services already in existence as well as the “annoying” ads based of your search history 🙂

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