Blog It! Flickr & Diigo

So… tags.

Tags, tags, tags, tags, tags.

Flickr and Diigo share one very crucial thing. Tags. The ability to create tags and sort things by tags instead of folders is actually kind of ingenious. It makes it so much easier to look for things rather than trying to remember where in the 7 levels of Hell you put something. Drilling down through folder after folder, only to realize you’re in the wrong place. But tags….


I had forgotten, but several years ago, Yahoo changed their blogging platform and photosharing platform and integrated them into a couple of other things. Time marches on, I have other things to think about, I forget about this. I had a Flickr. I HAVE a Flickr.

I found pictures I haven’t seen of my cat in 6 years.

I found pictures I haven’t seen of my former dog in 6 years.

I’m sitting here mostly speechless (Good thing I’m typing, eh?). I thought those pictures were gone. The fact that I just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Flickr is a good thing is kind of ironic. Will I keep using Flickr? Probably not on a very frequent basis, but you can bet I’ll be on there occasionally. Looking at pictures of my Keyser. Looking at pictures of my Sasha when she was tiny and vicious.

Diigo on the other hand… I’ve installed the Diigo bar.. and I can already see how useful it is. I’m not sure how often I’ll remember to use it, but already just having Facebook and UAF and Blackboard marked on there has been a boon.