Blog It – Blog Reports

So for this assignment we are to do a review of a sort of 3 blogs. Following are the blogs I read and my opinions of them.

Blog 1 – The Daily Howler

This blog is political, and whoa baby, its to the left. It cites sources for its information, and even quotes sources. This blog, while reporting news has a definite color to its reporting. While I am a liberal myself, I probably wouldn’t read this type of blog on a regular basis. It’s a little extreme for my tastes. That and I don’t really care for politics. This is the story I read and it has a definite slant. I think they embrace their liberal stance a little too much. Talking about “our tribe” and “their tribe” seems to me to defeat the purpose of uniting America by pitting us against them.

Blog 2 – Little Green Footballs

So I seem to be picking all the liberal blogs tonight. This one seems to be largely political, with a liberal lean, although they don’t seem to be as up in arms as The Daily Howler. I actually had to read more than one post to figure out their agenda. It cites sources, and quotes interviews. It’s reporting news as they see it, with a liberal slant, but it is still more palatable to me to read. Here’s an interesting article I read that made me giggle a bit. The quote from him about why he didn’t know it was wrong to be publicly engaged to one woman while married to another is well worth a read.  I found this site more engaging and interesting to read, but I still don’t think that I would find something written like this on

Blog 3 – Moonbattery

Found a conservative one! And it seems to be almost Tea-bagger-ish. Is that a word? It’s a political blog, and it sort of seems to be news, but its so jaded and slanted, its almost hard to see the news for all the bitching. They are WAAAAAY to the right. They refer to President Obama as “Barack Hussein” and Hillary Clinton as “Shrillary”. Notice here: As for sources, nothing more than “on a tip from TED” or “on a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle” or “on a tip from “Ummah Gummah”. No link back to the source and it almost smacks of political ravings. There is no way I would find something like this in the newsminer. Never. I don’t like how they can’t divorce their opinion from the facts. Derogatory names are not necessary.


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